Mocktale: Arvind Kejriwal voted best Radio Jockey in Delhi NCR

Apr 13 2016 7:57AM

In a recently done survey, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has been voted as the best RJ in NCR by radio listeners beating the likes of RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi fame, RJ Raunac of Red FM fame, RJ NaMo of Mann ki Baat fame etc.

It should be noted that ever since becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, Kejriwal has spent more time on radio channels and reviewing movies than his constituency or office.

While many listeners were enamoured by Kejriwal's effortless megalomania, few others who voted for him claim Kejriwal was a default choice as they haven't heard anyone else on radio besides him for some time now.

"Unlike other RJs, he doesn't need to resort to mimicry or cheap pranks to sound funny. He is naturally blessed with a funny bone. All his announcements, be it alleged success of odd-even rule or how the Delhi government has done so much work in last one year etc are as it is rip-roaringly hilarious," said a listener from Jangpura. Listeners have also taken note of and appreciated the fact that Kejriwal exercised enormous restraint to not blame Modi in any of his outings on radio.

"For a man, who blames Modi more than he even breathes, it was tremendous exhibition of self control," argued another listener.

Few others who voted for him claim that listening to him has made them more efficient in their work and studies. "Kejriwal has made me very productive. The moment I hear his voice on radio, I switch it off by throwing my shoe at the radio and start studying. I mean my grades have gone up because of him being on radio. My parents are going to vote for him again," said a student.

"Hai Allah, humare Arvind ko salamat rakhna," his parents quickly added.

Meanwhile for the first time, radio manufacturers in Delhi have decided to introduce a mute button on the radio sets.


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